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You're visiting Staab Décor Australia, THE importers, suppliers and installers of quality commercial and domestic wallpapers & coverings. We supply inspirational wall coverings, design and installation services for major projects throughout Australia and around the world. Our extensive collections include patterns, colours and textures on paper and fabric which can be removable from the world's most creative designers. You can also choose original Staab designs, or have your own exclusive designs manufactured at Staab. We look for the highest quality, environmentally responsible wallpapers and coverings - and of course our wall coverings are fire retardant and they're quality and fire rated to stringent Australian and international standards.


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    We believe the only reason you are in our site today is your innate sense of style and your desire to surround yourself with things that bring both excitement and serenity to your living spaces. Here is a quick tour of our endless range of wallpapers that evoke a stream of suggestions for you when it comes to interior design and home or commercial wallpaper coverings whether you are anywhere in Australia or overseas.

    Think of covering your walls, whether it is a home or a commercial complex and we traditionally think of paint. Why paint? Wallpapers have been around for a very long time. The ancient Chinese glued rice paper to walls. Wallpapers took a commercial turn with the invention of a wallpaper printing machine over two centuries ago and today, at Staab Decor we take wallpaper to another dimension as never seen before. Staab Décor have made themselves invaluable in serving clients all around Australia and in many locations overseas. There is a secret to this – our consistent high quality, our commitment and the fact that no project is too big nor too small for that special Staab touch to your walls.

    Here’s a question for interior decorators, home owners and architects – a choice between two options – the standard even toned wall or a wall covering that matches your own identity. Which is yours? A look at the Staab wallpaper coverings range would give a broad clue. Staab Décor gives emphasis on wallpaper for homes for certain special reasons. Wallpapers for homes, or for that matter any interior space must have certain qualities that make them safe.

    Staab wallpaper coverings are fire resistant. You could rest assured that our wallpaper coverings are fire rated by the Australian Wool and Textile Association. They are sanitized to inhibit the growth of bacterial mildew and mould. Home owners would appreciate that our wallpapers are color fast, anti-static and UV stabilized. Cleaning of wallpaper in homes is with ordinary household cleaners, thus that issue is settled as well. Additionally, we reckon that they outlast standard paints by at least five times which means a considerable cost saving in the long run. There are other reasons why would homeowners and interior designers prefer wallpaper for homes as against any other type of covering. Staab wallpapers for homes and commercial complexes are also easy to install, they do not leave fumes or odors and there is no mess at all in the installation process.

    One of the best reasons that home owners and interior designers seek wallpaper for homes and especially the Staab wallpaper range is the extensive options in designs, color, texture, theme and variety. The Natural range – warm, with touches of the earth and nature. These shades are multi-faceted since they could withstand seasonal changes that necessitate change in the interior décor and furnishings.

    The Escolys range provides wallpapers for every corner of your home or commercial establishment. In this site, we display the actual environment within which these wallpapers have transformed mediocre settings into the spectacular. Wallpapers for entry points in homes, for example, need a certain welcoming touch, so do the wallpaper in living rooms. Wallpaper designs bearing striking tones lend amazing appeal to a living room and other spaces in homes as against an even toned color. They come in varied finishes such as heavy duty and decorative commercial wall coverings, borders, murals, dados, hand painted silk wall coverings and much more. The warm and velvety tones of wallpaper designs suitable for bedroom walls bring comfort and vibrancy to the area. Foyers of commercial establishments take another dimension when its background speaks, but is yet understated. Look closely at the interiors bearing the Escolys range of wall papers in this site.

    The Command range – standard yet far different from mere standard. It invokes many possibilities.

    The Astro Range is for the bold and innovative. Such interesting designs, you could trace them with your fingertips. For the stronger yet truly natural touch is our stone and timber veneers that not only reflect the original natural product in its pristine state but are yet pliable and flexible, especially with corners. As for Casadenza –discover our brands but be sure to leave some time on your hands for surely, you are going to be entranced by the kaleidoscope of color and vibrant home décor wallpaper designs that completely overturn any preconceived concept of what your home or work place should look like. If it is to be just simple and affordable narrow strips of wallpaper borders, they can certainly add color and a theme to a simple wallpaper design.

    There are plenty of home wallpaper designs in the Staab range as well as commercial area wallpapers to view and select from. We have even included wallpaper designs for doors, ceilings and pillars which are amazingly different and perhaps rare in most homes. These are just a few in our range. You would find certainly find plenty of ideas to match your theme. Talk to us after that.

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